Help a Hacker and a Journalist: Design Award

Monday October 3rd, 2016 - Program
Help a Hacker and a Journalist: Design Award

What exactly is it?
Stf (hacker and supporter of digital human rights) developed the  Pitchfork, join and design a waterproof case: The Pitchfork has a Guitar-Hero-Interface (buttons on top-side), and allows investigative journalists to keep the encryption keys of their documents always in physical contact. Using the Pitchfork, they no longer have to carry heavy laptops, which they always have to keep close out of fear a government or enemy messes with it (which still happens in several countries), they can even visit a sauna or swimming pool without having to be afraid of anyone messing with their documents. Being a journalist is not always allowed in war-areas and in countries without freedom of speech, or free press.

Design creates a bridge between hackers, privacy activists and artists. The 12 designs will be on display at Manifestations, Oct 22-30.

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Specifications Pitchfork:
Size of device: 32.7mm x 68.xmm x 8mm

Minimal sizes: should fit easily in a hand, so that the buttons can all be pressed at the same time and the display is visible
What is exactly the question: Design a water-proof (saunas/jakuzzis are enough to handle) case for this device: for which there’s also production capabilities that can handle a few thousand to be produced.
What are the judgement criteria:
– size, smaller is better if you want to carry it.
– durability, this thing might need to handle some rough handling next to keys in a pocket.
– usability while operating – i love this design (nato similar device from 80s, developed by Philips & Siemens)
.. but here you cannot see the display and operate the buttons, but as a cover for another non-rugged case this is totally acceptable.
What end result is expected? (open source 3d printable file?) That would be a start, for all the people building their own, but I also need somewhere production capabilities for small few thousand piece batches.

send in through viola (at sign)

Pitchfork is presented on, Gnupg.conf and Camp++