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Sunday October 30th, 2016 - Media, News
Best of DDW: Media – Pictures – Video

Manifestations 2016


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We are looking back at a successful Dutch Design Week (DDW) with our first edition of Manifestations. Manifestations received the title ‘The Best of DDW 2016’. The program was chosen as one of the best projects, in 2500 participants. With this we can have the title The Best of DDW 2016 for 1 year. This title is a crown on the unique collaboration between ViolaVirus, MAD emergent art centre and Tom Veeger and all other collaborating parties in this program.

The Best of DDW 2016
The DDW-organisation wants to celebrate the quality of her program. Therefore she asked seven scouts to nominate, together with the public, from more than 2500 participants, 430 designs, projects and presentations, to each nominate two choices for The Best of DDW 2016. With special focus on makers and their making-processes, responding to the DDW-theme ‘The making of’. Also Manifestations – Will the Future Design Us? was selected as one of the Highlights and can now carry title The Best of DDW 2016.

Bert Hagendoorn (Dutch Digital Design) of the DDW selection commission:
“Manifestations was 1 of the highlights of the Dutch Design Week 2016: an exhibition with creatives who deal with the future of design. Showing projects you can experience and make you think actively about the future: using a special suit to control a huge robot, anti-meditation in VR and having a real conversation with a Social Artificial Intelligence. For me the ‘must-see-and-experience’ of the Dutch Design Week!”

Katja Lucas (DDW programme manager), Sacha Bronwasser (art critic Volkskrant), Bruce Sterling (WIRED en sci-fi author):
“Great creative use of technology alongside a thorough human approach – a hopeful tendency”.
Manifestations herself contained a Young Talent Award, for some of her participants which graduated this year at Dutch and English Academies with Katja Lucas (DDW programme manager), Sacha Bronwasser (art critic Volkskrant), Bruce Sterling (WIRED en sci-fi author) as jury, they state:
“The jury was impressed by the variety and quality of the projects selected by curator Viola van Alphen. The graduates all show great creative use of technology alongside a thorough human approach – a hopeful tendency. “…read more on the page Young Talent.


We look back at a successful pilot: the launch of Manifestations. Manifestations shows the future: virtual realities, Will the Future Design Us? Man is limited in observations, what happens in a world when these can be manipulated? Do we need an update in perceptions, do we need exoskeletons and other digital plugins? Are digital observation systems more absolute? In a society with Nervous Systems, our behaviour is predicted and affected. How do we regain control on our devices and systems? Will the Future Design Us or can We Design the Future?  To be continued!

We need this more than ever, in today’s world!
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