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Will the Future Design Us? Man is limited in observations, what happens in a world when these can be manipulated? Do we need an update in perceptions, do we need exoskeletons and other digital plugins? Are digital observation systems more absolute? In a society with Nervous Systems, our behaviour is predicted and affected. How do we regain control on our devices and systems? Will the Future Design Us or can We Design the Future?



Manifestations shows the future 10 years ahead, in passwords, virtual reality, artificial social intelligence, hackerculture, digital valuta-mining, internet-of-women-things, it makes a statement and takes you into a world where you actively create your own future. It wants to design the future together, before the future designs us.

Manifestations 2016 presents Oct 22-30 in Microlab, STRP-S, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Manifestations, the festival that shows the future x years ahead, wonders: Will the Future Design Us?   A festival with cyberpunk, privacy,  innovation, digital and interdisciplinary art and creativity for all ages.

Manifestations is a collaboration between ViolaVirus: Art & Technology and MADlab .