Event: Young Talent Award 2016

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 - Events, Young Talent
Event: Young Talent Award 2016

Manifestations selected Best of Graduates 2016:

This year Manifestations presents the Young Talent Award. Since we started, it has always been one of our main objects to create a platform for the young and talented artists.
This year the nominees will show their exam-works at Microlab.
Judging will take place Saturday, October 22. The winner will be announced Saturday Oct 22, at 16:00 by Bruce Sterling (sci-fi author), Martijn Paulen (director of the Dutch Design Week), Sacha Bronwasser (artcritic).

Nice to know: 10 of 13 nominees are female.

Erik van der Veen

Giulia Tomasello

Lesley-Ann Daly

Lucy Davis ( no permission to show )

Robin Alysha Clemens

Elizaveta LEEZA Pritychenko

Manuel Beltrán

Leanne Wijnsma

Octavia van Horik

Paula Salurand


Cyborg Art Collective

Jorick de Quaasteniet


Winners Manifestations Talent Award 2016

The jury was impressed by the variety and quality of the projects selected by curator Viola van Alphen. The graduates all show great creative use of technology alongside a thorough human approach – a hopeful tendency.

We choose to award two artists that we consider to be very promising and that both pushed their boundaries in this graduation project.

Special mention goes to: Elizaveta Pritychenko, (Welcome to the Desert of the Real) for an imaginative treatment of a well-known postmodern historical concept. Her VR-version of Baudrillards ‘Desert of the Real’, which she constructed from scrap within a few months, shows a whole new, visual approach of a philosophical notion.

The Manifestations Young Talent Award goes to: Robin Alysha Clemens (Owned by No One), for its audacious preview on the future of a current crisis – identity and anonymity in an oppressive society  – ; for its thorough concept in both visual language and text; for its consistency in idea and execution. The question Clemens raises is urgent: what is privacy if one wipes out identity? The subculture she describes looks alarmingly familiar, from its looks and props down to its ideas, put in a well-executed manifesto. This combination, and the fact that she managed to organize her world with real people and a real event, makes her stand out in this competition.