Lesley-Ann Daly – Anthropomorphic Sensory Augementation

Wednesday August 24th, 2016 - Young Talent
Lesley-Ann Daly – Anthropomorphic Sensory Augementation

Ultrasonic Intra-Body Communication.

Enabling an audible perception of your internal health.

How will the integration of Sensory Augmentation Devices change how we live?

We perceive the world by interpreting sensory information: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Human modification technology is developing alongside a growing interest in expanding the senses, generating new devices that push the limits of human perception.   With the rise in popularity of wearable technology people are becoming more interested in knowing the health and fitness of their body.

What if you could extend your sense of hearing so that you can hear your body, allowing you to have a more intuitive, real time knowledge of your health and wellbeing?  Ultrasonic Intra-Body Communication enhances your sense of hearing. This enables you to hear numerous devices that are implanted in the body, which are tracking and communicating your physiological health data. By appropriating the intuitive qualities of sound, this communication method allows for a more visceral connection to the information and therefore the body. Developments in science and technology have enabled tracking devices to become smaller, more accurate and able to be implanted into your body.

This technology pushes what we are sensorially able to perceive as human beings – adding a new layer of consciousness that is only possible through the integration of technology into our bodies. The project looks at how we use technology to surpass our biological schemata and augment our senses.


Lesley-Ann Daly will be present the first weekend of Manifestations. She is also part of the Internet of Women Things event on the 23rd!